The fate of Malatya Wagon Repair Factory has not changed again

The fate of Malatya Wagon Repair Factory has not changed again: Malatya Wagon Repair Factory, which has been waiting empty for 25 years, will remain idle in 2015 and will be protected by 4 security guards. In the last 4 years, 417 thousand TL has been released from the government's safe to protect the factory's idle buildings.

According to the news in Malatya Net Haber Newspaper, 1989, which was completed in 72 of Sumer Holding AS in Malatya, has been decayed for years, with 6 lodging and 25 block factory area. 25 years of Malatya politicians in every election period gum to the mouth of the story of the automotive, apricot, prison, wagon, arms supply industry, logistics villages, such as the many suggestions of the Wagon Repair Factory will not change in the fate of 2015. 2015 October 21 will continue the security tender for the protection of the factory buildings against sabotage, theft, fire and looting until the end of 2014.

The Ministry of Justice

In order to ensure the security of the factory, the companies that won the tender from the State Economic Enterprises (XIT) 2011 118 TL for 392, 2012 144 TL for 629, 2013 78 TL for 74, 2014 75 TL for 744, 95 XNUMX TL for XNUMX, a special firm for the conversion of the factory's workers' locker building and dining hall to the open penitentiary institution and the preparation of the tender dossier and the preparation of the tender dossier last year paid XNUMX thousand TL but this project of the Ministry of Justice was canceled.

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