3 year for rent in Izmir Balçova Cable Car Facilities

📩 24/11/2018 13:40

İzmir Balçova Cable Car Facilities have been leased for 3 years in vain: It has been revealed that the Metropolitan Municipality, which paid rent to the service building, which it could not move, now rented a total of 3 thousand liras in vain for the recreation area in the Teleferik Facilities in 372 years.

The problems experienced in Balçova Cable Car Facilities, which İzmir Metropolitan Municipality could not complete, are never ending. Despite not using Akdemir Plaza, which he rented in İzmir Halkapınar, Büyükşehir Municipality pays 5 thousand liras for rent in 875 months and pays emptyly for the promenade area where the cable car will go. It was reported by the municipality that the owner of the promenade was paid 3 thousand TL in total for 372 years, even though the facility was not used by the Regional Directorate of Forestry. As per the lease agreement covering the years 2011-2020, while the rental fee continues to operate, the municipality cannot obtain any income from the promenade as the facilities cannot be opened for service. Bringing this loss to the agenda at the Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting, AK Party Group Vice President Bilal Doğan said, “There is a public damage. This money comes out of the pockets of Izmir, not the municipality. We want the facilities to be completed and opened as soon as possible and to be offered to the use of the people of Izmir. Although this money comes out of Grand Plaza A.Ş., the municipal company ultimately suffers and the capital is increased to cover this amount and money is transferred from the council of the municipality. ” At the Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting of Izmir, the cable car problem was raised. Bilal Doğan, Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Group, said about the transfer of Balçova Cable Car Facilities to Grand Plaza: “Since 2011, facilities that have been idle for years have been paid rent. 124 thousand pounds a year is wasted. "Let the cable car open as soon as possible." Reminding that a lease agreement between 2011 and 2020 was signed between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Forestry Directorate, Bilal Doğan said, “However, two years after 2011, another assembly authority is requested from our parliament between 2 and 31.07.2013. It also has authority from the assembly. The annual rental price here is 2014 thousand liras. Since 124, 2011 thousand liras are paid every year. Lease payments made here are wasted. ”

Stressing that from 2007 to 2011, both the bureaucratic procedures and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality were not able to provide efficiency on Balçova Cable Car Facilities, Doğan said, “There are very slow developments about the cable car social facilities. Yet we see that Turkey is done in other cities faster than any other cable car and a process completed. Now, we will finish the construction of Balçova Teleferik Social Facilities and open it to the service of our people. ”