Road Traffic Metrobus has transformed

Bayram Traffic has transformed the Metrobus Road into Infamy: The intensive traffic of the traffic throughout Istanbul was also influential on the way out. Due to the traffic, the citizens descended from the service vehicles and turned to the metrobus, causing stagnation in the stations.

Evenings, citizens who ride on private cars and service vehicles, faced with heavy traffic. Difficult to move with vehicles and service vehicles on the road with the citizens to reach their homes turned to metrobus. However, in the stations that are insufficient to meet the demand, human floods have occurred. Citizens at the same time when the stations, metrobus stop had to wait a long time. Citizens who had difficulty in passing the turnstile, had to wait for hours. Hundreds of passengers who wanted to get to the Anatolian side from Zincirlikuyu station had to travel with crammed vehicles.

While the density continued until later hours, a mass of people was created in metrobus and stations.


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