6 Protected by Melihin at the Crossroad

6 Year Old Melihin Died Protest in Level Crossing: A kindergarten student, 6-year-old Melih Ateş, who died in the crossing of the train in Akşehir district last Monday, died of a 1-year-old student Melih Ateş, 17 driver and 18 students were injured. The parents and the people of the neighborhood reacted to the accident. Gathering at the level crossing, the crowd asked for an underpass.

For the last 07.30 months, there are 34 GAT 42 plate student services under the direction of Selman Dutar (37), who carried students from Sorkun District to Akşehir between 3 on Monday, under the direction of Yıldırım Primary School, Atatürk Middle School and Akşehir Girls' Vocational High School. At the level crossing in Kozaağaç, where the barriers were not operating, the freight train numbered 73388 was hit by the mechanic Hasan K., who made the Afyonkarahisar-Konya expedition. In the accident, Melih Ateş, a student of Akşehir Vocational High School Kindergarten, died, 1 people, 17 driver and 18 students, were injured.


KazanAfter the bus service, Selman Dutar was arrested by the court, where he was charged with 'causing death by negligence'. Machinist Hasan K. was also released pending trial.


KazanAfter the accident, the people of the neighborhood, including the parents of the injured students, gathered at the level crossing and protested the accident. Stating that there are frequent accidents at the level crossing, the crowd stated that the accidents can be prevented with the underpass to be built. Hearing the protest, District Governor Yalçın Sezgin came to the scene and tried to calm the crowd. However, the crowd insisted that an underpass be built and said to District Governor Sezgin, “You are making an underpass even for animals. You don't do it for vehicles and pedestrians," he reacted.

Stating that he left a meeting he attended and came to the scene, District Governor Sezgin said, “I know the cry of the citizen. I am here by listening and producing solutions. I received your requests, I will do whatever it takes. ”

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