In 2015 the railway sector is liberalized

the railway sector is serbestleştiriliy in 2015: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) "Turkey's Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Vision Competitiveness our industry with our economy and the Importance of the Future" October meeting of the Assembly spoke in. Elvan stressed that in order to have a strong industry and economy, it is necessary to have a strong transportation and access infrastructure.


Elvan said: “When we say 'We will make a 15 thousand kilometer divided road', 'How will you make a 15 thousand kilometer road? We do not need 15 thousand kilometers of road. ' Remember those days. But today we have made 12 kilometers of divided roads over a 17-year period. We will not be content with this. I hope that we will increase our split road, which reaches 500 thousand kilometers, to 24 thousand kilometers in 2023. ”


Stating that the second important area in transportation is the railway, Minister Elvan said, “You know, it was a sector that was forgotten for years. We look at western countries; we see that especially the railway sector is used very intensively in transportation and its costs are lower than road transportation. In fact, while we determined our transportation and communication strategy in the short, medium and long term, we did not only look at the events in terms of passengers. We said, "Strengthening the railway infrastructure will increase the competitiveness of our industrialists." We have renewed old unchanged old railway lines that have not been maintained for 40-50 years. As of today, 92 percent of the current railway lines have been renewed. Electrification and signalization systems were made. In parallel, we started high-speed train investments. Our aim here is to ensure that our industrialists and our producers reach the port very easily. We are in search of how we can bring our industrialists to the port at low cost and this is how we set our road map. We still have troubles. 'Now the railway sector still has not been liberalized, you have made this regulation legally, but it is still

maybe you will be criticized. Our work on this continues. Hopefully, we will liberate our railway sector in 2015. Now we will open to the private sector. ”

Underlining that the biggest reason for THY reaching its current position is the liberation, Elvan said, “If we had not liberated the airlines, we would not have achieved this success today. We will do the same for the railway sector,

we will go liberalization, open to private sector. We will see the same high growth performance in the railway sector. You are also entering into that sector in the coming period, Turkey to the development, will contribute to development, "he said.

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