Izmir Rail Systems 2015-2019 Strategic Plan

2015-2019 Strategic Plan for İzmir Rail Systems: The strategic plan covering the 2015-2019 period has been prepared by taking into account the April data of 2014. As of this date, the average number of 200 passengers per day on the metro system, the construction of new lines in progress and new projects to be realized in the coming years will be the backbone of urban urban transportation in Izmir.

Strategic planning is, as in all institutions, the transformation and development plans in the public transport sector, which allow them to move to the point they want to see themselves in the future.

The strategic plan is a participatory, flexible management approach that expresses the strategies that will make it possible to reach these targets after the self-assessments of the organizations by making self-evaluations and by developing measurable criteria by developing the measurable criteria and it is not only a resource for the allocation of resources from the budget. S. In line with the principles of international rail public transportation, İzmir should be considered as a tool for the best service to its people.

The strategic plan prepared includes the medium and long-term goals, basic principles and policies, goals and priorities, performance indicators of İzmir Metro AŞ., Methods to be followed to reach the targets and resource allocation.

The vision of the strategic plan, which is a road map for seeing the future to the desired level, is the vision of İzmir Metro AŞ., Zamanında high quality in service, timely service, high level of service in the transportation, high performance level in the employees, continuous and instant communication with the passengers and the result resulting from these isten defines the satisfaction as memnuniyet.

Current Status and Future Projects

With the completion of the ongoing Polygon and F.Altay stations, İzmir Metro will reach 17 stations and 19 km length. On this route one end to the other; Evka 3, Ege University. Bornova, Region, Industry, Stadium, Halkapinar, Hilal, Basmane, Cankaya, Konak, Ucyol, Izmirspor, Hatay, Goztepe, Polygon and F.Altay Stations will be.

In addition to the works for expanding the İzmir Metro system, İZBAN, which is the project of evaluating the TCDD train line on the north and south axis of the city which started with the initiative of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, has been realized successfully.

The project of upgrading the 80 km Aliaga - Menderes line to the metro standard carried out in cooperation with TCDD was completed in 2010. Izban with the 32 station along the route Izmir Metro system is interconnected in Halkapınar. Between the two systems, a transfer point construction in Hilal was completed in 2013 and the transfer density was divided into two points.

On the other hand, road, signal, kataner and station construction works are in progress to extend the total number of 32 km and 6 stations between. With this extension work to be completed in 2014, İZBAN will be able to operate in 112 km.

With the growth of the İZBAN system, the number of passengers of İzmir Metro will also increase. In order to meet this need, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will launch the 5 wagon 17 set 85 wagon subway vehicle for the İzmir Metro. With the increasing number of trains, the movement and parking capacity of the existing warehouse lines will be increased in order to store the whole train fleet. At the same time, the workshop and warehouse area will be expanded.

The option to carry out the sales of 2,3-5 cards and to make the Kentkart filling with credit card will be provided in the filling automats used in the stations.
İzmir Tramway System Projects

3 tramway project is available and the terminal stations of this project will be connected to the existing subway and stations in the Izmir suburban system.

Konak Tram:
F. Altay - will work on Halkapınar axis.
Starting from Üçkuyular Metro Station, the line extending from Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard to the Atatürk Statue on the Cumhuriyet Square by the Black Sea, TMO silos passing through Şehit Nevres Boulevard behind the Swissotel Büyük Efes and passing through the median median at Montrö Square and Şair Eşref Boulevard. and from there, it will reach Halkapınar Metro Station following Şehitler Street.

• Operating Route Length: 12,6 km.
• Number of tram stops: 19 pieces
• Number of vehicles: 2015 units in 21, 2030 units in 38
• Operating speed: 24km / h
• Roaming time: 64dk
• The lowest horizontal curve: 22mt

Buca Tram:
Şirinyer-DEÜ will work on the axis of the Tınaztepe Campus.
Operating Route Length: 6,0 clm.
Number of vehicles: 8 units

Karşıyaka Tram:
It will work on the Alaybey-Mavişehir axis.
Starting from Alaybey to Bostanlı Pier, then İsmail Sivri Street, Cemal Gürsel Street, Şehit Cengiz Topel Street, Selçuk Yaşar Street and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard, and next to İZBAN Çiğli Warehouse facilities will be next to Mavişehir Suburb Station.

• Operating route length 9,7 km
• Number of tram stops 15 units
• 2015 units in 17, 2030 units in 25
• Operating speed 24 km / h
• Roaming time 47 min.

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