34 days per year

📩 30/11/2018 17:19

34 day earns a year: Metro, Light Rail System (HRS), tram and metrobuses became the subject of thesis. In his specialization thesis entitled u Urban Transportation Policies sol prepared by the Ministry of Development Expert Faruk Cirit, it was emphasized that metrobuses caused a serious change in Istanbul from the point of view of public transportation and brought a new breath to the city.


It is noted that CO242 emission, which the system provides annually 2 tons of fuel, has also decreased. It was also noted that Metrobuses save 132 daily time in the 34 minute per day per passenger.

Despite the frequent malfunctions in Istanbul, the BRT system is the system with the highest average speed compared to other BRT systems in the world. “The average commercial speed obtained in world applications is at 20-25 km / h. accesses.

The most reasonable tram

In the study, the most feasible system was the tram, and the following analyzes were made: N When the peak hour one-way travel request is 10 bin, 12 bin and 15 thousand passengers / hour, the tram system is the most feasible system and the BRT system is followed. Compared to environmental impacts, the tramway system generates less CO32 emission of about 2 less than the BRT system. Er

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