Is there a new high-speed train project?

Is there a new high-speed train project: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan told the government program and the new projects of the ministry.
You are working on a project that will relax Istanbul traffic. When will the tender be made?
We have developed projects to reduce the entrance and exit traffic of Istanbul. Currently, we will only take steps to relieve traffic on two major axles. We will circle around the Marmara Region. From Sakarya, Kocaeli will be connected to the Gebze highway and pass from Kurtköy to the Third Bridge to Tekirdağ. Çanakkale will be connected to the İstanbul-İzmir highway from Balıkesir. We will build a bridge over Çanakkale. There will be an investment of $ 5 billion. The provinces in the Aegean Region such as İzmir, Manisa, Kütahya, Bursa and Balıkesir will not make their departures abroad via Istanbul. They will exit through Tekirdağ. We started the tender process for the remaining part of the Northern Marmara Motorway from Sakarya to Istanbul. An investment of 10 billion dollars will be made with the Build-Operate-Transfer model.
Double roads are being abandoned?
No, we will continue. We will complete the north-south axis. We will continue to the West Black Sea part of the Black Sea Coastal Road. We will also make a divided road to places with high vehicle density. General Directorate of Highways invests an average of 8 billion liras annually. This year, we aim to invest over 12 billion liras. Now the work on the highway hızlandıracağız.türkiye north-south east-west axis will be new investment in our highways.
Is there a new high-speed train project?
Transportation by road weakens the competitiveness of companies. Our goal in railways is to provide connection of Anatolian provinces to the port by high-speed train. Thus, we will reduce the transportation costs of our exporter. We will connect the route from Edirne to Kars by high-speed and high-speed train. We will make the railway line project extending from Izmir-Ankara to Adana-Mersin and Habur. Most of the lines we will build in the new period will be high-speed trains. We want to make a high-speed train between Yozgat and Kayseri. We will increase the number of logistics centers.
Turkey is the world's central position in the air ...
We doubled the number of airports. The number of passengers increased 9 times. This is not enough. The industry is growing close to 15 percent. In the new period, we want the flights of narrow-bodied aircraft to increase between the provinces. Currently, flights are made from 7 centers. We will increase the number of these centers. For example, air transport needs to increase from Konya to cities other than our big cities such as Izmir and abroad. We also conveyed this opinion to airline companies. We want every citizen to reach the airport after leaving his home. We will build airports in places that meet these criteria. We also want to make our own airplane. We also met with the ministers of some countries from abroad. We also have projects to lower the costs of aviation companies.

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