Woman trying to keep her goat off the railwalk

The woman trying to get her goat off the rails was trapped under the train: In Akhisar District, 75-year-old Mevliye Çelik, who wanted to keep her goat off the rails, was hit by a train. Çelik died at the scene in a terrible way.

75-year-old Mevliye Çelik, who allegedly wanted to prevent the goat he grazed from the train from heading to the rails in Akhisar District of Manisa, lost his life by being caught under the passenger train. In the incident where the goat was also perished, Çelik's relatives experienced great sorrow.

The incident took place at around 10.00:31601 in Seyit Ahmet Mahallesi, out of the district. The Ege Express train under the management of Eren Zeybek, 41 years old, number 2, and Recep Çolak, the second engineer, 43 years old, who went to Bandırma in Akhisar, allegedly hit the goat heading to the rails and its owner Mevliye Çelik, who tried to get the goat off the rails. Çelik died at the scene, and the goat perished. His relatives, who received the news of Mevliye Çelik's death, shed tears. While taking the testimony of the drivers, after the police investigation at the scene, the passenger train continued its journey for about an hour without a hitch. Mevliye Çelik's body was taken to the morgue with the funeral vehicle called.

It has been reported that the investigation about the accident was continuing.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 15:42

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