Tender Announcement: Spare Parts will be taken (to be used in revision of Rail Welding and Road Machinery Repair Factory Directorate)

General Directorate of TCDD
Spare Parts will be taken

Article 1 - Business Owner Information

1.1. The owner of the business;

a) Name: General Directorate of TCDD

b) Address: Talatpaşa Bulvarı Gar / ANKARA

c) Phone number: 0312 309 05 15 / 4129

d) Fax number: 0312 311 53 05

e) e-mail address: madde@tcdd.gov.tr

f) Name / Surname / Title of the Personnel concerned: Gülhan ÇAVUŞOĞLU, Branch Manager

1.2. Tenderers may obtain information about the tender by contacting the personnel from the above addresses and numbers.

Article 2- Information on the Subject of the Contract

The service of the tender subject;

a) Name: 08-16, 08-16 G, 08-32 Buraj and 08-275 SP Complete revisions of 6 tamping units of scissor bending machines 12 machine. to provide spare parts to be used in the work.

b) JCC registration number: 2014 / 106374

c) Quantity and type: 08-16, 08-16 G, 08-32 Bushing and 08-275 SP Repair of 6 units of 12 units with complete revisions of 4 pieces tamping units 8 XNUMX pcs. Supply of spare parts to be used in the revision of the Directorate.

d) Location: TCDD Rail Welding and Road Machinery Repair Factory Directorate

e) Other information:

Article 3- Tender Information

Information on the tender:

a) Tender procedure: Open Tender Procedure

b) Address of the tender: General Directorate of TCDD

Head of Materials Department / ANKARA

c) Tender date: 02 / 10 / 2014

d) Tender time: 14: 30

e) Tender commission meeting place: General Directorate of Turkish State Railways

Meeting room (Room 1118)




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