Uncontrolled Level Crossing

Uncontrolled Level Crossing Danger Danger: Mersin, yesterday evening a motorcycle driver lost his life uncontrollably level crossing, danger continues to scatter.

Mersin uncontrolled level crossing, which killed a motorcycle driver last night, continues to scare the danger.
Central Mediterranean district Freedom District Keresteciler Site behind the uncontrolled level crossing, the citizens of the region has become the nightmarish dream. The 2 level crossing that was closed to vehicle traffic years ago, but the pedestrian crossing continues actively, especially during the school distribution continues to be dangerous for students. The students studying at the Social Services Primary School, which is located across the railway tracks, pass through this passage every day, and the hearts of the parents come to their mouths.

Some parents, who took their own measures today after yesterday's death and incident train accident, voluntarily served as a level crossing in order for their children to pass safely. Citizens gathered in the area of ​​the accident, asked to find a permanent solution to the problem.

Ömer Ergüven, the Muhtar of Freedom, asked for a controlled level crossing to this region where hundreds of people crossed each day. There are dozens of people die every year here, claiming that animals are waste Ergüven, ü Our school 50 meters ahead. They're all little kids. They come and go from here every day. They can't be with their parents. It's a very troubled area. Right next to the mosque. Our elderly people have difficulty in going to the mosque. 2 years ago, this place was controlled, but then closed. We've applied many times, but the railroad officials have moved on, saying the municipality should make an overpass to the region. Biz

İbrahim Kurtdoğmuş, one of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, stated that he was an 3 child and that he was forced to leave his job every day and spend his children from here. I can't leave my job every day and spend my kids here. At 12.30, the train passes and the children leave the school at the same time. Either let them shut down completely or make it overpass. Ya

Menekşe Çal said in the 1990 that she lost her husband here in the train wreck, yıl I address the authorities. Make an overpass or a controlled passage. Just yesterday, a citizen died here. Now we live our hearts in our mouths, Artık he said.

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