Transportation to the Uludag Hotels area by cable car

📩 24/11/2018 13:39

Transportation to the Uludağ Hotels area by cable car is a reality: In the renewed ropeway system, the poles in the densely populated areas were increased to 5 meters. Thus, the cable car going over the trees will offer a comfortable journey.

entered service in 1963 because of Bursa, Turkey's first cable car of the era could not reach the technological facilities of hotels. Transportation to the ski center, which hosted thousands of local and foreign tourists during the winter months, had been an ordeal for years. With the renewed ropeway, as the symbol of Bursa jumped to the age, the dream of half a century came to the fore and it was announced that the cable car would go to the hotels area. However, the municipality, which has the technological facilities, is stuck in the court obstacle this time. The project was canceled on the grounds that trees would be cut down on the route of the line. When the dreams fell through, the contractor company found the solution. When the idea of ​​providing transportation over the trees by increasing the mast length of the cable car convinced the court, the arms were rolled up to reach the hotels area. The feet that will take the cable car to the hotels have begun to be erected. Poles in areas with dense trees were raised 5 meters more. Thus, thanks to the cable car that will pass over the trees, a comfortable journey will be waiting for the lovers of Uludağ during the ski season.

The ropeway, which was built to provide transportation between Bursa and Uludağ and carried millions of people to Uludağ with the flights that started in 1963, has reached a capacity of 500 passengers per hour with its renewed face. The cable car, which serves between 08.00 and 22.00 every day and eliminates the trouble of waiting with 19-person wagons that depart at intervals of 20-8 seconds, has become a favorite of Arab tourists. 4 thousand more meters will be added to the ropeway route, which can now go 500 thousand 4 meters. It will reach 8,5 kilometers in total. There will be 25 poles between Sarıalan-Hotels. The tree will not be cut down. The poles will be raised. When the entire line is active, 180 cabins will be able to travel according to passenger status. Between Sarıalan and Hotels, poles will be erected by helicopters.