Rail System Thanks From Tütüncü to Türel

Rail System Thanks From Tütüncü to Türel: Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü thanked Metropolitan Mayor Türel for the "EXPO-Meydan rail system" investment, which will connect Kepez to the EXPO botanical garden and approved by the people of Antalya at the ballot box.

Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü thanked the Mayor Türel for his, EXPO-Square Rail System, investment which will connect Kepez to the EXPO Botanical Garden and approved by the citizens of Antalya. Türel gave Altınova a new road and intersection.

An information meeting on the rail system to be held between EKPO botanical garden in Aksu district and the Meydan area in Muratpaşa district was held in Altınova Sinan neighborhood.

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Turel, Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, the AK Party Kepez District Chairman Yusuf İşeri, the council members and Altınova district headmen attended the meeting, the people of the region showed an intense interest.

We've kept our promise to solve the zoning problem

Making a speech at the meeting, President Tütüncü evaluated the Metropolitan Municipality's asking the public at the project stage as a progressive, modern, modern understanding. Underlining the happiness of fulfilling their service promises, Tütüncü reminded that when the 2009 took office, the region promised to resolve the zoning problem near 30. Tütüncü, ıştır At the point we came today, Altınova's planning problem has been solved and 18 implementation has started. T
Tütüncü, with the solution of the zoning problem in the construction of the superstructure and superstructure in Altınova said they will do quickly.

Türel makes Antalya a global brand

Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya to turn into a world brand pointed out that Tütüncü, "Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, day and night without the Antalya, how to make more beautiful, how to make modern services to Kepez account and book moving in. Türel, with great love, continues to provide services to this beautiful city with a great love. Büyük

Connecting to Kepez EXPO

President Hakan Tütüncü, who emphasized that the EXPO-Meydan railroad route will be connected to the EXPO botanical garden of Kepez, said: ağ With EXPO 2016, Antalya will have a very different period of development. With the investment of EXPO-Meydan rail system, Antalya will have a much more modern city view. I would like to thank our Mayor Menderes Türel, our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, who brought this investment to our region. "

3 intersection will be built more

Then the Mayor Menderes Turel, who came to the podium, reminded that during the election campaign, 5 annually promised to give 19 new intersection and 200 km new road.

Türel, who stated that the crossroads of viaducted bridges in Kepez Municipality Junction and Sanayi Junction at Gazi Boulevard continue at a rapid pace, announced that they will make a viaducted crossroad junction work at the Altınova intersection on Wholesaler Hal Kaşağı and the airport road. President Menderes Turel, a single-leaf intersection of the Airport Junction will turn into a four-leaf clover junction said.

A road that will ease traffic

Türel, who gave the good news that they will open a new road in the 60 meters in the Altınova region, said, met The construction of the 60-meter road, which passes south of Wholesaler Hal and continues the Beşkonak Bridge, has reached the tender stage. We will connect the road to the clover junction we will build at the Airport Junction. The path will be at the disposal of our people in a year. We will connect the continuation of the 60-meter road to Korkuteli Junction from the east and north of Kepez. When this road goes into service, the air of Altınova will change its face. Bu

The happiness of the citizen, not gold as the Taurus

President Türel, who emphasized the fact that Altınova, together with President Hakan Tütüncü, solved the 30 approach to the zoning problem. Yapan As we make the projects, we are flying as much happiness as the children. In the month of Ramadan, we gave the symbolic zoning deeds to our brothers in Altınova's first district, where 18 application was completed with President Tütüncü. When we gave the deeds to the citizens, we were so happy; Taurus as much gold as we would not be so happy. "He said.

Prime Minister's last gift to Antalya

Explaining the investment of EXPO-Meydan rail system as a historical and big project, Türel stated that the historic project was a gift from President Erdoğan to Antalya as prime minister.
Mayor Menderes Turel, 23 April 2016 will start to serve the route of the EXPO-Square rail system Kepez, Altınova'ya good to be wished, "The most modern cities in the world, the most modern transportation system, the people of Antalya, it is worth it." .


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