Mountains of Turkey's economy will be acquired

Mountains of Turkey's economy will be acquired: Turkey Ski Federation, on the mountain 3 137 thousand meters across the country, bringing an international ski resort, began working to save the economy. The 12 Federation, which is preparing an annual project, is targeting 15 billion euros annually from the mountains.

Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, AA said in a statement to reporters, skiing is the only sport that can provide the country's development, so in recent years, said he invested in the mountains of many countries.

Turkey 3 thousand meters over 137 mountain found striking benefits, with such a potential winter tourism which has become a global brand that even in Austria, though in terms of the country the necessary steps about winter sports in the mountains in Turkey said that a great loss.

Stating that Austria, with a population of 8,4 million, earns an annual income of 44,5 billion euros from ski tourism, Yarar said, “We, as a country, are unaware of our mountains. No serious investments have been made except for a few mountains related to skiing. Turkey, despite the much greater potential than Austria can not use this wealth, "he said.

Because the global warming in the world, usually 3 thousand meters above the mountains in the snow guarantee that the benefit of the mountains in this height, starting early in the season and closed late, investors can make more money, he said.

Benefits, they did a 12-year project for providing winter tourism in the mountains as TKF and "State folks hand in hand ski Turkey to the summit," explaining that they hit the road with the slogan that Turkey around the country ski new meeting begins, and insisted that he would be able to cater to a population of 800 million.
15 billion euros annual revenue target

This market should be very good evaluation of the 3 thousand meters in the mountains on a good planning that draws attention Yarar, said:

“As TKF, we will invest 12 hotels in a 5-year period. There are a total of 80 thousand lifts in 27 ski resorts around the world. We will build a thousand lifts in 12 years. We will establish regional ski hospitals. We have identified 48 regions in 100 provinces. In these regions, we aim to invest 12 billion euros in 48,5 years. When we achieve these goals, we will be able to bring 10 million foreign tourists to our mountains. Together with the locals, we will host 13-14 million tourists in the mountains every year. If we catch these figures, we will generate an annual income of 15 billion Euros. In addition, 500 thousand people will be employed directly. Only the value added of the state will be 2 billion euros. We will do this with our athletes, investors and governments. ”

In case of using petroleum potential in Turkey's mountains, even claiming to be in need of Benefits, Turkey's economy is very important in terms of ski sports, ski jumping stressed that only the world's 2 billion people watch.
Countries' winter sports investments

Benefit, the countries of the winter sports is very serious investments, stating that the most extreme point of the Olympics, he stressed.

Reminding that Russia has invested $ 2014 billion for the 51 Sochi Winter Olympics, Yarar said that even Armenia has increased its investment in ski sports and mountains by 120 percent, and countries such as Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan have also made progress.