Escalator bridges grind in izbanda

Escalator Bridge in Izban: The construction of İZBAN, which provides public transportation between Aliağa and Menderes, was started about a year ago in Halkapınar and was completed 7 months ago and was put into use, and was closed to use when coming from Aliağa. With the closure of the transfer bridge, thousands of passengers can be directed to the main entrance of the station every day, and they can pass by reading their cards again. Responding to the practice, Izmirians said, “Why is the bridge built by spending millions with our money? Is this modern municipalism? " While asking, officials state that the bridge was closed in one way in terms of life safety.

In İZBAN, which is used by thousands of İzmir residents for public transportation every day, the erroneous practices that put citizens in difficulty are not interrupted. Apart from the breakdown of the İZBAN Trains from time to time, the elevator and escalator transfer bridge, which was built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Halkapınar with a cost of 2 million 270 thousand TL, were closed to one-way passenger passage, showing the safety of passengers. The construction of the escalator overpass, whose foundation was laid on September 22, last year with the slogan of providing modern transportation in Halkapınar, was started in December with a delay of 4 months, and was completed in January 2014 with a two-month work. With the construction of the passage, which was announced to be 7 meters wide and with 6 escalators, the passengers coming from Aliağa direction in Halkapınar were able to switch to the Izmir Metro by shortcut and switch to Hatay direction.

The installation of turnstiles at the entrances during the construction of the escalator overpass caused accumulation especially due to the intensity of the morning hours. While those who got off the İZBAN train in Halkapınar had to queue up because of the turnstiles, they also had a rush to be late for work. Meanwhile, minor accidents and mishaps also occurred. However, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the co-management of İZBAN, responsible for the security of the transit and stations, closed the passage in the direction of the Metro, instead of finding a solution to the turnstiles causing the accumulation. A security guard who was left in front of the escalators announced during each hop-on and directed the passengers to the main entrance, which reached approximately 100 meters by two stairs and had to press the city card again because of going out of the station.


The application, which was started about three weeks ago, received a strong reaction from the people of Izmir. Citizens who saw that the gateway, which was built by spending millions, was closed, said, “This is official torture. The Metropolitan Municipality is doing really revolutionary practices. The passage made yesterday is closed, we are forced to walk for minutes, climb stairs and print cards. This is not going to happen. This must be what is called social municipality. If you wouldn't let us use this place, why did you do it? It is called a transmission system. Indeed, transfer within transmission. They said, "We are officially told to sit at your house. We are protesting this situation."


On the other hand, İZBAN officials stated that at the point where the overpass is located in Halkapınar, some passengers are in danger of falling on the railroad during the crowd, and even accidents have occurred, therefore, passengers are not allowed to pass temporarily, and work is ongoing to find a solution.

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