Iranian President Rouhani in Kazakhstan

Iranian President Rouhani in Kazakhstan: President Hasan Ruhani met with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

For a two-day official visit, he came to Kazakhstan's capital, Astana, and was received with a ceremony in the State Palace Accord.

In a statement from Akorda, Rouhani and Nazarbayev said that the two countries discussed the cooperation between the oil and gas industry, agriculture and construction in the course of the negotiations on Iran's nuclear program.

Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan-Iran relations with the agreement in the nuclear program will be further improved negotiations noted said.

Kazakhstan's Iran is one of the important partners in the world and the Caspian Sea because of the shores of the two countries as a good neighbor Nazarbayev who expressed that he sees, the Western countries with nuclear program negotiations, Iran will find the best solution expressed expression has been shared.

At the meeting, it was announced that the first stage of the last year, which was commissioned in May, was completed and the completion of the North-South Railway Line, which will connect Iran with Bender Abbas Port, was also discussed.

  • The completion of the railway line will increase trade

Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev at a press conference after the meeting, the North-South Railway Line will reach the region of Iran's Hornbeam to be completed by November, he said.

Kazakhstan and Iran in the Caspian Sea to discuss the construction of terminals voicing Nazarbayev, the North-South railway line with the full introduction of Kazakhstan, Iran, Iran annually 500 thousand tons of wheat export 2,5 million tons will be noted.

- lar Let's restart product replacement operations -

Iranian President Rouhani said that they are planning to re-start oil and gas exchange operations between the two countries in exchange for crude oil.

Rouhani stressed that there will be a huge increase in the trade volume of the two countries with the implementation of protocols involving cooperation between the North-South Railway Line and the oil-gas industry, agriculture and construction.

Iran and Kazakhstan, two major oil and gas producers in the world, are willing to buy more metal, petrochemical products and wheat.

While Iran exports petrochemical products to Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan also sells wheat and metal products to Iran.


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