Should be set up in Karsa Free Zone

Karsa Free Zone Should Be Established: Kars Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KATSO) President Fahri Ötegen said that all preparations should be completed without delay for the establishment of the Free Zone and the realization of the Logistics Center. Ötügen stated that Free Zone and Logistics Center is important in Kars.

President of KATSO Ötügen evaluated the importance of Free Zone and Logistics Center for Kars. President In 2007, the station in Georgia Maraba, and in 2008 in Kars, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, Baku basis in disposable total 826 km in length by Presidents - Tbilisi - Kars (BTK) than the rail project that was first completed in 2011 are to be stated then he pointed out that the project was still not finished as a result of the history being pulled back to 2013 due to the South Ossetian tension between Georgia and the Russian Federation and some environmental as well as financial problems. Ötügen emphasized that the Free Zone and Logistics Center is important in Kars, which is located on strategic roads that connect Anatolia to the Caucasus and Central Asia when the project comes to life.


Touching on the importance of the Free Zone for Kars as well as the Logistics Center, Ötügen said, “The Free Zone will be established in our city and will increase the possible benefits of the Logistics Center. The Free Zone will complete the Logistics Center economically and accelerate the provincial economy. ” said.

Turkey in 1985, and to encourage export-oriented production, as specified in No. 3218 law, to accelerate foreign direct investment and transfer of technology businesses to allow for the export and the number of free zones established to develop foreign trade pointed out that the 2014 19 Katsoni President Ötüg that; “All kinds of industrial, commercial and service activities can be carried out in these fields, which are activated with the objectives such as increasing employment, providing qualified workforce, cheapening imports, contributing positively to the foreign trade balance with foreign currency inflow and reducing the regional development gap.” used expressions.

Drawing attention to the fact that the enterprises producing in these areas are 100 percent exempt from income tax, Ötügen said, “The Free Zone will accelerate the regional development in our province together with the Logistics Center and enable Kars to become an economic attraction center. The fact that Kars gets the required share from this cake is of vital importance for the economy of our province. ” spoke in the form.



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