BURULAŞ resti attracted, insurgents revolted

BURULAŞ resti pulled, writers revolted: Bursa, intercity bus station, the issuer, BURULAS Boy-Koop'dan 116 thousand liras they could not collect from the request reacted. The owners of 11, who reacted to the decision that their buses would not be taken to the terminal, said, N We pay the rent to the municipality. They want to collect a debt that does not belong to us. Bize
11 office operator at the intercity bus terminal claimed that BURULAŞ wanted 116 one thousand liras from Boy-Koop. Office operators in the terminal, explaining to the press, phone calls, BURULAŞ officials, said the buses would not get to the terminal. He said hundreds of passengers and dozens of employees would be victimized if something happened.
Halil Güleç, head of the office, who spoke on behalf of the editor-in-chief, 6, said: arak The terminal branch manager called 11 editorial office by telephone and said that they would not take our buses to the terminal by 13.00 today. Why do you want this money from us? We do not owe you, rent our rent on the day 'we said. 'Your old co-operative Boy-Koop's debt to the terminal because of the 116 you have to pay pounds,' they said. When we asked for an official letter they said they would not be able to give us the terminal. Is this a mountain top? 11 firm is the victim in 100 office where every person wants to stick the bus according to his head. Hundreds of passengers and bus companies will be victims if they do what they say. It is not reasonable to say by phone, logic and trade law. If we don't stick our buses today, we're going to open every kind of material spiritual case and call our rights. Boy-Koop owes money to the municipality. We are not Boy-Koop, we are the third legal person. If the municipality has to buy from Boy-Koop, please contact them to do what they need. What does this have to do with us? 11 1 800 million pounds of money from the office they want. We owe the rent of a single rent to the municipality of the municipality, everyone pays this. Biz
After the announcement, the developers went to the terminal entrance to check whether the vehicles were allowed. The operators disbanded when there was no obstruction.

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