İzban statement from TCDD

TCDD's Izban statement: State Railways reported that they had to give time extension to the contractors because the constructions on the Izmir-Torbalı train line could not be completed.

TCDD, Cumaovasi-Torbali-Tepekoy 2 years ago 2. Electrification and signalization studies were completed by 2 years ago, the construction carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality could not be completed.

TCDD made a written statement regarding the news titled “SIGNALIZATION DISABLED for the İZBAN Torbalı line” in the supplement of “İzmir Ege” of a national newspaper. In the report, it was stated that although the Municipality fulfilled its obligation on the Torbalı-İzmir line, it was emphasized that the line was not opened because it could not finish the signaling and electrification of TCDD and that the single line between Cumaovası-Torbalı-Tepeköy was converted into a two-line project. It was stated that it was first completed and studies for electrification, signaling and telecommunications were started.

The tender was held for the electrification of the line in question, 19 2012 420 380 said the contract was signed on the date of the statement, XNUMX days planned to be done in the electrification of the metropolitan municipality of the upper-upper passage and stop construction of the contractor due to the fact that the contractor had to be given additional time XNUMX days.

In the statement, it was emphasized that after the completion of the works at the infrastructure and stops on a railway line, electrification and signalization studies were started, it was stated that cable pulling and assemblies could not be carried out before the completion of the works, and testing and commissioning could not be carried out. In the statement that the construction of the suburban stops undertaken by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been completed, “TCDD completed the 2nd Line works 2 years ago, started the Electrification and Signalization works 2 years ago, and had to give time extension to the contractors because the constructions carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality could not be completed. could not complete the installation and commissioning works ”.



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