TCDD made a statement on the restoration of the Haydarpasa Station Building

📩 30/11/2018 17:10

TCDD made a statement about Haydarpaşa Station Building Restoration: Yesterday Kadıköy A press release was made by Mayor Aykut Nuhoğlu on the Restoration of Haydarpaşa Station Building.

In order to inform the public correctly, the following explanation was deemed necessary.

1-How and how to restore immovable cultural assets is defined by law.

2- In this context, relay, restitution and restoration projects of Haydarpaşa Gar are prepared according to the architectural features and original condition of the building. Necessary permits were obtained from the Regional Board Directorate of Istanbul Cultural Heritage Protection 5; the project was unanimously approved by the Board.

3- In the project, Kadıköy There is no “additional building” claimed by the Mayor.

4-2863 61 numbered Yüksek Public institutions and organizations, municipalities and real and legal persons, the Protection of High Council and the protection of regional councils must comply with the decisions X is in the article XNUMX. TCDD and other public institutions have to comply with the decision of the Protection Board.

5- In the said Protection Board decision regarding Haydarpaşa, Kadıköy The municipality representative also includes the approval and signature.

In the last decade, 6-TCDD has prepared the relay, restitution, restoration (3R) projects of hundreds of stations and stations in order to keep the architectural heritage of the railways alive, and with the permission and approval of the related Protection Boards, it has acquired its cultural heritage. To date, it has not been seen that a local government says onay I do not give consent “to a project approved by the Conservation Council.

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