Mechanic injured in the train thrown

📩 30/11/2018 17:12

The mechanic of the train whose stone was thrown was injured: The mechanic of the freight train, which was thrown stones in Adana, was injured in various parts of his body.

The mechanic of the freight train, whose stones were thrown while passing the level crossing in the city center, was injured. TCDD's freight train under the administration of Ali Kömürcü from Adana to İskenderun was stoned by unidentified people while passing the level crossing in Kiremithane District of central Yüreğir district.

While the windows of the locomotive were shattered from the stones, the mechanic Kömürcü was injured due to glass shards stuck in his arm and face. While the train was stopped at İncirlik Station, Kömürcü was taken to Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital with an ambulance called to the station.

It was learned that Kömürcü was in good health. It was reported that the police started an investigation into the incident.

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