Sincanda giant transportation project is implemented

The giant transportation project in Sincanda comes to life: Sincan is getting its dream. The tender process has begun for the Link Roads Project, which will connect Eskişehir State Highway, Ayaş State Road and Istanbul Ring Road. After the tender process is completed, the project that will open the horizons of both Ankara and Sincan will be implemented. Sincan will enter its golden age in transportation with the project, which will be the second ring road of Ankara.
Dream comes true. Eskişehir State Road, Ayaş State Road and Istanbul Ring Road are connected to each other. Investments are made in the future of Ankara and Sincan with the Connection Roads Project, which is considered as the second ring road of Ankara. The tender process of the giant project has started. The companies will submit their qualification applications to the General Directorate of Highways until September 30. General Directorate of Highways, which will make the tender after this process, will lay the foundation of the giant project.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:47

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