Uludag ropeway expired due to severe storm

Uludağ cable car services were canceled due to the severe storm: The severe storm in Bursa negatively affected life. A worker was injured under a tree in the Botanic Park, the cable car service was canceled, the citizens had difficulty walking on the road.

Nuri Alkan (44), who was caught under the broken tree in the Botanic Park due to the storm and rain in the afternoon, was injured in his head. The injured Alkan Çekirgе was treated at the State Hospital.

Due to the storm, Bursa Uludağ provided transportation between Bursa and Uludağ. In the city center a lot of trees were broken, the electrical wires kоptu. Citizens had difficulty walking.

The storm was damaged in Mudanya district. A prefabricated shed that was knocked down on the automobile was damaged. As a matter of fact, fishing technology was damaged by dI waves.

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