Sarısu And Hurmaya 5 Mileage Hot Asphalt

Sarısu ve Hurmaya 5 Mileage Hot Asphalt: Konyaalti Municipality continues to work on hot asphalt. Teams of Konyaalti Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs, started to work hot asphalt in separate streets in Sarımu and Hurma Districts. 10, 271,286, 287, 288 in Hurma District; In the neighborhood of Sarısu, the streets are covered with hot asphalt.
Konyaalti Mayor Muhittin Insect, Antalya's fastest growing and growing district of Konyaalti said they continue their investments without a break. Uncalı and Harbor Districts have completed their hot asphalt work voicing the President of the insect, now in the Sarısu and Hurma reported that the teams began work.
Expressing that they will cover the 10 separate street with hot asphalt in these two neighborhoods, President Böcek said that the total 5 km road will be paved and put into service.

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