SAMULAŞ goes into winter tariff

SAMULAŞ is going to winter tariff: In order to respond to the transportation demands that are expected to be opened in Samsun with the beginning of the fall semester and the mobilization of the fall period, 15 2014 XNUMX on the tram, express and ring lines of Samulaş A.Ş.

15 trams will begin to move on 4 every minute from Monday to September. During the summer, 00.15 will be at 23.45 with the latest trolley movement clock.

15 2014 1 As of Monday, the service frequency of the E8 Express buses will be increased from one minute to the other.

Samulaş A.Ş. The operation of E2 Express buses, which are operated between Taflan and Municipalities, which were operated jointly by Private Public Buses, was transferred to Private Public Buses.

In the ring R5 Alaçam Street Ring, R6 Balaç Beypınar, Otogar Ring, R8 Atakent-Area Ring, R9 Demirkent Ring voyages have not changed. winter program will be passed.

R12-Turgut Özal Girls Dormitory Ring, which was lifted due to the transition to summer months, will start to serve again on Monday as 15 September 2014.

With the new regulation, the market will be applied during the year, public holidays will be applied on the rings, and on the Saturday, departure hours will be applied.

In addition, 23.30-06.00 up-to-date tariff application of 50-XNUMX has been completely removed.

Detailed timetables for tram, express and ring official web is'and will be announced at stops.

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