Rotterdam subway scrap vehicles and green

Scrap vehicles and green of the Rotterdam subway: Civil Engineer Necati Şahin explained his ideas about the Uludağ road we lost our yogurts scientifically.

The day before the rail system related to the number of wagons to be increased, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said he did wrong.


He mocked the people of Bursali.

Here are the lyrics İşte

Edi The wagon tender is a complete comedy! The tender is now done! However, simultaneous railcar and signaling tender should be made with the construction of the rail system. The delivery time of the wagons to be awarded will be 2-3. He mocks the intelligence of our metropolitan people.


Sahin repeats the mistakes made before that.

Tı What did the Metropolitan Municipality administration do? Only the construction! Without signaling, he started to operate the Arabayatağı-Kestel line by painting the vehicles of the Rotterdam subway green. These wagons without any technical infrastructure to expedite expedition is an amateur, rooky eye-painting that does not suit the city administration. He often has a breakdown or accident because of scrap wagons, but he is hiding from Bursali. Due to the mismanagement decisions, the Bursalılar is suffering a lot of trouble in the transportation of the rail system. The passengers are at security risk in Arayabatağı-Kestel line where scrap wagons are used. Despite all the warnings, even these old wagons continue to be used. The 2,5-15 has reached the 20-23 minutes with the system that should be in the XNUMX minutes expedition, the wrong operating scenarios, the wrong project modifications and the timely wagons. It attracts the people of Bursa. We've always said, 'rail track and rail.' Unfortunately, no matter what part of our rail system you have. Our nurses could not have experienced all these troubles. This issue is controversial in Bursa public opinion. Would the City Council bring this issue to the urban agenda? I do not think so."

It is impossible not to agree with the last word.

I do not think so.

Can the City Council discuss such a matter?

Heart, heart.

Necati Sahin stands in his word.

With scientific data, the picture is clear.

They listen?

Let's take Sahin's statement a little further Şahin

It's not possible.

He has only one thought Tek

. I know the best, I do. Nobody can get involved. Kimse

Yesterday we wrote ya

Whoever the seal is, it's Solomon.

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