Rail Systems Cluster Gathered in Hisarlar

📩 30/11/2018 17:11

Rail Systems Cluster Gathered at Hisarlar: The Rail Systems Cluster (RSK), which brought together employees in the field of rail systems in Eskişehir, gathered at Hisarlar A.Ş.

President of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Savaş Özaydemir, Eskişehir Science, Industry and Technology Province Director Muhammet Taha Güven attended the meeting attended by the President of the RSK Kenan Işık, developments in the sector and the place of Eskişehir in this regard and made explanations about what to do.
In this rapidly evolving sector, Işık has stated that it will be able to host significant investments from the past of Eskişehir and can take a significant share from the market with the capabilities and experiences gained in recent years.
Speaking at the meeting, Hisarlar CEO and Chairman of the RSC Zafer Türker gave information about the needs of the sector and the studies and investments made by the Hisarlar in this context.
After the opening speeches, members of the RSK made evaluations about the works and developments on the National Rail Systems Research and Testing Center of Anadolu University and the railway connection to the Organized Industrial Zone.
It was also stated at the meeting that a cluster would participate in the Innotrans Berlin 2014 International Transportation Technology and Vehicle Fair, which will be held in September, and that activities will be carried out to promote the cluster. After the meeting, new investments and facilities made in Hisarlar facilities were visited and investigations were carried out.

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