Liman İş Union Chairman Aykurt said, “We Will Not Allow Derince Port to Withdraw Peşkeş

Chairman of the Port Workers' Union Aykurt "Derince Port's will not let you loudly denounced: Özelliştir High Council the right to operate the Derince Port in Kocaeli, giving the highest bid in the tender Safin Solid Fuels Industry and Trade AŞ given the approval of then made a statement in Turkey Yener Bülent Aykurt, Head of the Port and Land Assessment Evacuation Workers (Liman-İş) Union Kocaeli Branch, said that they will continue their legal process until the end and they will never fight the illegal and unlawful withdrawal of the port.

He announced from the official newspaper that the Privatization High Council approved that the operating right of Derince Port be given to Safi Solid Fuel Industry and Trade Inc., which made the highest bid in the tender. 543 million dollars, with the highest bidder Safin Solid Fuels Industry and Trade AŞ Turkish State Railways Administration General Directorate (TCDD) were the made a statement after the approval Deep by administering to the right to operate the Port Turkey Port and the Black unloading the shipment Workers (as port İş) Union Chairman of the Branch, Yener Bülent Aykurt, said that they will continue their legal struggle with the Port.


Derince Port of cases opened on the privatization that continued saying Turkey and the Black unloading the shipment Port Workers (Port-Business) Union Kocaeli Branch Chairman Bulent Yener said Aykurt continued his speech:

“The lawsuits we filed are ongoing. The approval of the Privatization Board will not disrupt our struggle. We believe to the end that we will win this case in legal terms. Our files are in the 13th Department of the Council of State. Our expert reports have also arrived. In addition, articles related to the determination of coastal border lines were answered to the Metropolitan and Environment Provincial Directorate. It is also waiting for the cases we will file before the Administrative Court. Our legal process will continue until the end. We will never allow the illegal and unlawful withdrawal of Derince Port. ”


Saying that the ecological balance will be disturbed with the filling to Derince Port, Aykurt continued his speech as follows: “It seems that the company that won the tender of the port did not have any information about the filling areas and the existing laws. As a result of our meetings with experts, the existing laws and laws never allow the filling of 460 thousand square meters of that project. Even if they take over this place, they cannot make this filling. We warn them here. Let them give up this job. We warn the Mayor, the Governor's Office, the friends in the relevant ministry, who officially invite people to death by filling 330 thousand square meters of a port, which is an area of ​​460 thousand square meters, in a region where the northern Anatolian fault line passes. He blames them for the slightest loss of life and property from here. ”


Saying that privatization has made people victim, Aykurt said, “When we look at the result of privatizations, the order of people in Bandırma, İskendurun, Mersin, Samsun has been disrupted. Many of our friends left their husbands. Many of our friends committed suicide. They were unable to adapt to the social fabric in the places they went to. Our legal struggle will continue until the end. We will exercise all our rights until the constitutional court. I warn former Minister Nihat Ergün, Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Deputy İlyas Şeker and the bureaucrats at the ministry, who said this was wrong in 2009. Give up this job. Because ecological balances will deteriorate. Health problems will arise. What kind of gains will the public have if this place becomes private. "



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