Palandöken Municipality asphalted pavilion

Palandöken Belediyesi Köşk Mahallesiini Asphalted: Palandöken Municipality, the upper pavilion in the neighborhood with his asphalt works, the neighborhood has almost silan. Mayor Orhan Bulutlar said that asphalt works will continue throughout the district throughout the season. As we approach the end of the summer months, asphalt pavements of Palandöken Municipality, accelerating the asphalt works of the district, were completed. All street and streets were excavated and then poured asphalt on the back side of the Nenehatun Maternity Hospital. Palandöken Mayor Orhan Bulutlar, who gave information about the asphalt works, as soon as the office took place after the date of 30 March, the district center and village neighborhood where asphalt and lock stone deficiencies, and in this direction, 30 thousand tons of hot asphalt 50 thousand square meter lockstone tender he noted that they carried out paving and keystone works somehow. President Bulutlar stated that the asphalt works carried out on the roads that are damaged in the scope of the roads are going on and that the citizens will end in a short time in order not to be the victims. A Thus, our people living in this region will get rid of dust in summer and sludge in winter. With the new law, all places within the boundaries of the District are a neighborhood for us. The same works will continue in the districts in the districts where the districts are needed with the help of the grandfather and the locals.
In order to modernize and develop our district, we prepared pre-election projects, the Mayor Bulutlar heralded that they will come to life soon, ”In the coming 5 year, Palandöken will reach a very different dimension. We'il see this together. Because our work is the infrastructure of the projects we will do. Yildizkente Culture Center, Yenişehir New Service Building, Yunus Emre Mahalesin Swimming Pool and Ice Skating Rink, Urban Forest and Recreation area with the skate rink, Marriage Palace, Shelter, Palandöken Mahallesi and Harput neighborhood in many projects such as urban transformation works After a short time, these projects will be implemented. bu

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