First bus in Ovit Tunnel

📩 24/12/2018 16:40

First bus in the Ovit Tunnel: 2 thousand 640 meters of the 25 km Ovit Tunnel, which is under construction on the Ovit Mountain with an altitude of 12 thousand 100 meters on the Rize-Erzurum highway route, has been completed.
Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Deputy Chairman Fevzi Parker with council members, Turkey's longest tunnel, the authorities received information by examining the ongoing work in the Ovit.
Alper Eryigit, the project manager of Ovit Tunnel construction, said in a statement that if the works continue at the same speed, the tunnel will be finished at the end of 2015.
Eryiğit stated that the ground conditions of the tunnel were difficult from time to time and said:
“We started our work in 2012 and we have been continuing intensively in double shifts for about 2 years. We work 7 hours a day, 24 days a week, and have reached 12 thousand 100 meters so far. In total, the tunnel length is 25 thousand meters and 12 thousand 100 meters are finished. We are doing our work from İspir and İkizdere in two ways. We made an average of 3 thousand progress by İspir. We made an average of 2 thousand by Rize. Half of this tube and on the other side, when you collect them, the average is 12 thousand finished. In addition, concrete works continue. The part whose concrete is finished is approximately 6 thousand. Concrete work of almost half of the opened part is also finished. ”
Expressing that they could not progress fast due to the difficulties they encountered on the ground, Eryiğit said, “We do not know what we will meet on the ground. If there are no differences in ground conditions and ground, our speed increases twice. Our goal is to progress fast. I hope the tunnel will be completed on the specified date if nothing goes wrong. ”
- The Black Sea and Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions will be connected
Polat and his councilors also visited the Dallıkavak Tunnel construction, which is the continuation of Ovit, at an altitude of 2 thousand 349.
Celalettin Keleş, the control engineer of the tunnel, stated that 52 percent of the work was completed.
Ovit, Dallıkenkak broken tunnel construction with the completion of the Black Sea and Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions will connect each other, stressing that the severe winter conditions will be reduced to a minimum, Keles, said:
“The most important feature of tunnel constructions is that the risk of excessive snow and avalanches will disappear in winter. Transportation, which is constantly disrupted in the winter, will be done in a safe manner. Approximately 6 percent of the Dallikavak tunnel construction, which is 52 thousand, has been completed so far. 4 thousand were opened in 3 tubes and 3 thousand meters were arched with concrete. The Dallıkavak Tunnel shortens the existing road by 4,5 kilometers. At the same time, the problems experienced at the Dallıkavak Passage in the winter will disappear. A safer, healthier road will emerge rather than snowy, icy roads, the altitude will fall down. Your trip from the Black Sea coast to Erzurum will drop by 2 hours after the end of Ovit and Kırık. ”

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