Asphalt road works in the army

Asphalt road works in the army: Ordu Büyükşеhir Municipality continues its asphalt road works in many districts.
Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which examined the existing roads along with the new roads, carried out maintenance on the 4 km. In the works that have been carried out in the last week, it is 10 m on the road of Persembe district Tаrlacık, 800 m on Kültür Street, 300 km from the Anac Neighborhood road, and 2.5 km on the Ortaköy Neighborhood road. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which puts the asphalt road into service, is 1.5 km on the Yenikent District of Ünye district and 2.5 km on the Tepeköy Neighborhood road. A total of 15 km. He carried out maintenance work at the distance.
Korgan Tatarcık neighborhood 3, Mesudiye Sarıyayla neighborhood 3, Akkus Kizilelma 2 in the neighborhood and Fatsa Hatipli Mahallesi Y'Lunda 2 mileage maintenance yamap Metropolitan teams in these regions were fooled in the problem of transportation in these regions.

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