Night Asphalt Study in the Gulf

Night Asphalt Work was carried out in the Gulf: Night asphalt work was initiated by Körfez Municipality on Ağadere Street. The asphalting of the street which is one of the biggest wishes of Ağadere Street traders was started last night. Gulf Mayor İsmail Baran had a meeting with the tradesman of Ağadere with his work ece We will manage the Gulf with Our People Körfez. President Baran ordered the start of the work late last night in order to implement the decisions taken in the meeting without any delay. All of the Gulf Municipality Science Works teams were mobilized for road works with all tools and machinery. In order to avoid the uneasiness of Ağadere tradesmen and people, the nightly work started at 10.00 continued until 06.00 in the morning.
The work started at the 10.00 at night continued to be hopeful, while studies were conducted under the supervision of Mayor Baran and Municipal Unit Managers and Deputy Mayors. While the process of dismantling the cobblestones intensively continued until late at night, most of the works were completed in the early hours of the morning.
Gulf Mayor Ismail Baran, the way in the Gulf to organize and opening new roads constitute the most important item of the work, he said. President Baran said, esinde Today we are following the asphalt works in Ağadere Street, which is one of the most important streets of the Gulf. As a municipality, we are carrying out the works that we have undertook to make this rapid development the most accurate and sustainable. In consultation with our people, we organize the meetings and offer the best services to our fellow citizens. In the coming 5 year, the Gulf will reach a very different size. For this, we continue our work without a break. We will conclude the work of Ağadere street in a few days and put it into use by our people. Içinde
The local people both received information about the work done in the late hours of the night and thanked Mayor İsmail Baran for the work carried out. Citizens said, “I thank you for the services our president has done. There was no asphalt on this street for a long time. Paving stones were a big problem for our tradesmen and citizens. We thank our Mayor, İsmail Baran, who fulfilled everything we said. We would like to thank our President for making the requests we have voiced and for never refusing us. They said, "We wish success to our Mayor in his next services."

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