Metrobus strip directed to the D-100 highway

Metrobus lane was diverted to D-100 highway: Due to the Metrobus lane routing works, the road was reduced to a single lane in the D-100 Highway Küçükçekmece location. Due to the work that started at 22.00:100, traffic density occurred in the direction of D-100 Avcılar. With the completion of the work, the metrobus will be directed to the D-XNUMX highway.

Due to the connection works to be made from the pedestrian underpass in Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi Metrobus Station to the metrobus station, the metrobus operation in the direction of Avcılar at the D-100 Highway Küçükçekmece location has been started. Due to the works announced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality that it will take a week, traffic density occurred in the direction of Avcılar on the D-100 Highway. With the dismantling of the metrobus barriers and the installation of new barriers on the highway, the metrobuses coming from Avcılar to the Topkapı direction at the Cennet Mahallesi Metrobus Station will use the D-100 highway.

It has been announced that the ongoing work in a 200-meter area will take 7 days and will be completed on October 3 at 06.00:XNUMX.


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