Metrobus Bridge 5 meter Kala Stopped


Metrobus stopped 5 meters before the bridge: As a result of the crash of a tanker in Avcılar, the overpass collapsed. 2 people were killed under the overpass. If the metrobus was 5 meters further, the overpass in Avcılar would collapse on the metrobus.

An overpass on the D-100 highway collapsed in Avcılar. According to the information obtained, a collapse occurred on the overpass as a result of a tanker collision in Avcılar. 2 people were killed under the overpass.

Could have been worse

A metrobus in the direction of the accident in the direction of Avcılar, was able to stand just 5 meters ahead of the collapsed bridge. If the bridge was in the middle of the metrobus, there would be an accident like a massacre.


On the other hand, an eye witness told us that the metrobus had stopped in time and they had not yet missed the shock:

“We heard the incident with a loud noise first. It was 5 meters from the metrobus. Our feet are shaking. If it had fallen on the metrobus, it would have been a much bigger disaster. The bridge has officially disappeared. There was an accident like this on this bridge 1,5 years ago, but it was not demolished. There was no situation to cause a fire. It would be a disaster in congested traffic.

Günceleme: 22/03/2019 22:12

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