Above the metrobus stop

The top passage on the Metrobus stop is holding iron pipes: on the D-100 highway Bayrampaş-Maltepe intersects those who see the iron railings at the top of the metrobus stop, weighing tons of pedestrians and the overpass crossing the vehicles. The iron railing lying on the passing vehicles is supported by an iron pipe, while the citizens say that the railing can fall on vehicles that are running on D-100 at any moment.


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  1. Where are the dependent and independent SUPERVISORS that control the TECHNICAL TERROR opening the door to such slaughter? Is there? If they have fish? If not, WHY NO? There is no reason why damage to such a mind exists in the ADVANCED countries.
    What kind of conscience is that? What kind of system is this, how fear of the wound? How is it engineering, management, employing, contracting, mastery, craftsmanship, citizenship, citizenship ???????

  2. What is the nature of this situation, what standards, what göz, what…, what… Accident, massacre, according to this observer, TERROR!


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