Court Delegation at the Railroad Disaster on the Site

📩 01/12/2018 15:43

In Mersin Train Disaster, the Court of Delegations Explored at the Accident Site: In Mersin, the court board made a discovery at the level crossing where a train accident resulted in the death of 12 people.

The court board made a discovery at the level crossing where a train accident that resulted in the death of 12 people in Mersin last March. In the discovery, where intensive security measures were taken and experts were involved, detained defendants and eyewitnesses told the disaster at the scene.

In line with the decision taken by the Mersin 1st High Criminal Court in which the case related to the accident occurred, a court judge at the level crossing in the central Mediterranean District, a mechanical engineer, occupational safety specialist, a retired administrator from TCDD and experts from the Traffic Branch Directorate. made a discovery with the delegation. Arrested defendants, barrier officer Erhan Kılıç, minibus driver Fahri Kaya and the lawyers of the parties were present, and a part of the discovery took place with the press. During the discovery, which was followed by the relatives of those who were killed in the accident and the relatives of the detained defendants, and intensive security measures were taken, the court heard the defendants and eyewitnesses at the scene. The delegation also investigated whether the wagons next to the level crossing were blocking the view of the drivers.


The incident occurred on the level crossing in the central Mediterranean district of Adanalıoğlu Mahallesi on March 20. Sinan Özpolat, Oğuzhan Beyazıt, Mine Serten, Onur Adlı, Ayhan Akkoç, Mehmet Abiye, Ünal Acar, Harun Salık, Cavit Yılmaz, Kenan Erdinç, as a result of the passenger train 62028, which goes from Mersin to Adana, hitting the minibus with a 33 M 1104 plate under the direction of Fahri Kaya. While Mustafa Doygun and Halil Demir lost their lives; the driver Fahri Kaya and Servet Çelik and Uğur Ateş in the vehicle were injured. In the investigation launched after the incident, Fahri Kaya, level crossing worker Erhan Kılıç was arrested. According to the expert report included in the indictment prepared at the end of the investigation, barrier officer Erhan Kılıç, 28 years old, stated that TCDD was 60 percent, service driver Fahri Kaya was 30 percent accused of causing crime and injury with respect to Kılıç and Kaya. Up to 10 years, the case was opened with the request of heavy imprisonment.

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