Starts trambüs in Malatya

📩 30/11/2018 17:20

The trambus era begins in Malatya: The trambus, which was also considered to solve the transportation problem of Kahramanmaraş, became the hope of Malatya. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality brought 2 trabuses and made it to the citizens.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality brought the 2 trambus bus for the trambus system to be used in urban transportation. The introduced 2 trambus was displayed on the secondary road next to the ring road in front of the State Hospital.

In the first stage, the line laying works for the trambus, which will serve the ring road between the Malatya Intercity Bus Transport Operation Company (MAŞTİ) and İnönü University conglomerate, continue.

2 pieces trabbüs exhibited the ring road in front of the State Hospital. About the trabmus, which is stated to be fuel-efficient and powered by electric tires, the advantages of Malatya Municipality Bus Transportation Inc. website are as follows:

Ir Thanks to the development of hybrid engines, it provides a more sustainable transportation compared to other systems. Due to the excessive rise of fossil fuel costs and not foreseeing the future (price stability, reserve shortage and external dependence), trambus vehicles are preferred. There will be no power outage as the electrical supply system will be a ring system. In case of damage of electric line such as accident, disaster and power failure, spare diesel or battery powered motor (hybrid engine) will be activated and vehicles can continue their voyages. The cost of infrastructure is much lower than the rail system. High passenger capacity. (8000-10000 person in one direction per hour) There is less fuel cost than 75 by diesel fuel. (One-fourth fuel cost) Since it is an electric vehicle, it has no dependence on the outside. Therefore, the cost of fuel in the long run price stability. It is the most suitable electric public transportation system since the physical structures of the roads in our city are not suitable for the rail system. The width of our roads and the natural structure of our city (road slopes, etc.) makes it impossible to transport the light rail system in public transportation with diesel vehicles. Trambus; has higher climbing power on inclined roads. It is more comfortable and safe thanks to the take-off power on icy roads. It is safer due to its high braking power on high roads. In addition, energy conversion is provided by braking energy. The life of the Trambus vehicles is twice the life of diesel vehicles. Trambus are green vehicles. It does not pollute the environment with zero emission and has the lowest noise level compared to all other public transport vehicles. Maintenance costs of Trambus vehicles are much lower than for diesel vehicles. 40 percent less). Moving rear wheels provide high maneuverability. Therefore, it is also preferred in narrow and curvy roads. The system can be opened and put into service in a much shorter time than rail systems. Sistem

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