Lisbon and Tramway

Lisbon and Tram: There is something that attracts everyone's attention. Trams coming almost everywhere. They don't go on straight roads just like the similar ones in other cities. On narrow streets, there are sometimes slopes, and sometimes they have been going downhill since ancient times. I don't know if it's an urban legend, but sometimes it could be that the passengers had to go down the tram and push the cars on the tramway aside.

Every day in Lisbon runs the 4 different tram line. Three of them are trams 12,15 and 28 yellow. The other is the red-colored tram, which strolls around the city's sights, which work for tourists.

Pricing, if you take your ticket in the tram if you pay the amount 2.85 euro. In Lisbon, there is a system similar to the Akbil system in Istanbul. You can buy Viva Viagem from the ticket machines at the Metro stations and get a cheaper trip. The cost of this card is 50 cent. This is the tram ticket you will get 1.40 euro. You can use this card as many times as you can in Lisbon. 24 is the current unlimited ticket for 6 euros amount. In Lisbon, trams start at 6 in the morning and continue to work until 11 at night.

In Lisbon, the tram routes were first laid in 1873. At that time the horses were used by carriers. In the 1901, trams were switched to the electric system, and these trams were called Carro e létrico, which means electric wagon in Portuguese. Over time, this name was replaced by Eléctrico. Between 1936 and 1947 there has been great progress in the tram lines. The tram line was built on the 20 and this tramway culture has survived to the present day.

Most travelers know very well that the best way to explore a city is by walking. The more you walk through the streets and avenues of a city, the more chance you have of getting to know the city. I also love to walk, but frankly, walking for hours on the bumpy roads of Lisbon in the August heat had missed my taste. As a result of my previous research, I had already decided to get on line 28. When I felt the tiredness deeply, I got on the number 28 tram. This tram is actually a kind of historical monument. It has been traveling on these roads since the 1930s. Because it is a bit touristy, it is very crowded inside. It's lucky to find a seat by the window. This tram offers the chance to see the most beautiful places of Lisbon in a short time. I can especially recommend it for those who have little time.


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