They live a life in the nose with death on the tracks

They live a life in the nose with death on the tracks: the students and citizens passing through the tracks of the TCDD which separate the two neighborhoods in Batman are coming to death every day.

Batman's main towns and Çamlıtepe neighborhood of separating the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) each from the original passage day, thousands of people across through almost peril kalıyor.çamlıtep Quarter from children to school sends parents are concerned about their child's life. Every day the children of the neighborhood had to pass over the rails belonging to the TCDD residents, said this problem should be resolved as soon as possible.

”Our heart comes to our mouths“

Belde District located in the neighborhood of the ISE Belediyesi Elementary School Camlıtepe neighborhood 4045 street and other streets to go through the railway had to pass through Çamlıtepe Citizen residents of the neighborhood AD, said: esi Every day we have to pass through the railway belonging to TCDD. Our children go to school. And when they get back home, they're using it. Our request from the authorities as soon as the overpass or underpass. We want a safe way for the cars and our children to pass through. Araç


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