Gulf crossing bridge ends

The Gulf Transition Bridge Ends: The World's Largest 4. The work on the suspension bridge is progressing rapidly. A news crew appeared on the bridge between Istanbul and Yalova, which will be reduced to 6 minutes.

The work continues on the Gulf Transition Bridge, which will reduce Istanbul to Izmir between 3 and half an hour and Istanbul Yalova to 6 minutes.

The feet on the suspension bridge are almost over. Road work left behind one kilometer.

For the first time, the A Haber team came on the road with 3 departures and 3 arrivals.

The Gulf Transition Bridge will save a lot of time and economy.
4. The world's longest suspension bridge is also an important pillar of Turkey's largest highway project.

A strip on the bridge to be opened in 2015 will also be held for pedestrians.

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