What will be the old trams

What will be the old trams of the region: As the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya continued the renovation of the trams, it was a question of what the old trams would be.


According to the news of Gazete Anadolu, Mayor of Karaman Ertuğrul Çalışkan stated that they had a meeting to bring the trams as the furniture of the city and they got a positive result, and said: "Konya Metropolitan Municipality has 60 new and modern trams to the city. kazanSome of them were brought and started to serve. All will come in the coming months. We consulted with our Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek on this issue and wanted the old trams to be the furniture of the city in Karaman. Our president found this request appropriate and said that they would help us in every way. As the municipality, we have started the work on this. We receive great support from the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, as in all matters, for the tram. kazanwe will go. With the knowledge of Lütfi Elvan, our Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and our minister warmly regarded this issue, that is, Karaman will have a tram. Karaman and Konya are an inseparable whole and our cooperation continues in every field. The star of Konya and Karaman is a shining star.”

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  1. One of the fathers of the trams with a modern design in terms of visuality, perhaps his father Prof. Dr. It is sommerlate. In the mid-1970s - early 80s, Kassel-University (D) started this innovation in every aspect with the Industrial-Design team that he formed with his students. (KVG), the concept was implemented with the order of the Siemens Krefeld factories. Thanks to the extraordinary effect of environmental awareness that has developed and matured in the society, this rönesansby transforming into a, with the effect of snowballs, it has caused to spread like an avalanche. Starting from the city of Kassel, especially in European cities, we saw the trams of various generations side by side, one after another, and we got used to it like everyone else, with the realization of both the nostalgic effect and the technical modernization of the old vehicles. Nowadays, it is normal that we see various generations that have not yet completed their commercial and technical life and / or have been extended by technical modernization, together in many European cities.
    In addition to all these facts, considering the fact that the defined life of a tram is 30-35 year, it is necessary to determine that the brotherhood of Karaman + Konya is doing the right thing. This initiative will serve both functional and useful, and will serve as a trampoline, jumping board at an affordable cost for the near future. The only flaw that the Karamanian will fold is the aesthetic appearance (which is more beautiful for some, ie is relative), technically the high floor of the body and some other details. Otherwise, the most recent examples cannot be sent to the space shuttle yet! Henüz CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Additional; The 1930 model Gebrüder-Crèdèe production line, 1965 Wegmann production or another factory side by side with each other N no one other than the expert of this branch will not understand the difference between the experts. If 1965 and 1980 production is the same factory tram, it will show how much this development is. In addition to aesthetics, the main change is in the art, the drive and the electrotechnical, on the electronics front. That part, however, can be adapted to many models, like the cell phone battery.