Kayseri Transport Inc. (sedra) (sedra Preferred Solutions)

Kayseri Transport Inc. edilo's) (cedar Solution to Chose: Kayseri Transportation Inc. officials the world's largest rail exhibition, at InnoTrans, edilo's) (visited sedri company. Kayseri Streetcar preferred grade crossings for Talas line with the company's officials brought to Turkey The experts met the modern and permanent level crossing examples at the fair.

edilo's) (sedri company in Turkey and the Middle East director Joachim Spors, permanent concrete level crossing stating that they are happy because of the preference for Kayseri, said: We performed in Europe and in the preferred concrete in the world embedded level crossings implement the first in Kayseri. About 100 m ERS solution embedded in the concrete applied for the distance, is economical and long-lasting in terms of total cost of ownership for the trams. It is possible to use the rails embedded in the concrete with the material we call Corkelast until 50 year. said that it should be used in places with highway traffic.

Electrical and sound insulation provided 'Permanent Concrete Level Crossings'On TCDD and municipalities have informed edilo's) (sedri employees with a souvenir photo taken of Mr. Spors, edilo's) (cedar firm stating that it is appropriate to Turkey's conditions of solutions on embedded rail systems, providing information about other solutions in the coming days edilon) (sedra YouTube the channel has invited.

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