Kahramanmaras and high-speed train conversations

Kahramanmaras and high-speed train conversations: He was coming, he was not coming, he was passing, he was not. Ha came, ha future by saying, as of yesterday, the situation became clear I think: the Fast Train will pass through Kahramanmaraş. Our Minister of Transport Mr. Lütfi ELVAN was in our province yesterday. A number of visits and interviews. The speed of the main agenda in these visits and interviews was Train. And our Minister said, geç The Fast Train will pass through Kahramanmaraş Ve. Let's do it

Our Minister said, ayrıntı The Fast Train will pass through Kahramanmaraş Kahraman and what will be the details? How will it pass? A new road will be built to pass directly through Kahramanmaraş, otherwise, as the old line passes, the main line will be connected to Bridgeagzi Station and from there to Kahramanmaras. This is not clear.

Of course, this detail is not very important. Let the fast train come to Kahramanmaraş and come to Köprüağzı station. Köprüağzı is not far from Kahramanmaraş. There are no more than 10-15 miles or so.

It is easy to transport the passengers arriving to Köprüağzı station by high-speed train to Kahramanmaraş by either transferring buses or the existing train line.

In this respect, I called my friends from the Ministry of Transport to get information about the high-speed train route to Kahramanmaraş and I met with people close to the Minister. High Speed ​​Train will arrive to Kahramanmaraş in line with the existing train line and after the Köprüağzı Station, I have received information that a High Speed ​​Railway Station will be built near the airport.

High Speed ​​Train comes to our country Speed ​​Train, comfort, speed, safe transportation, clean access to the environment does not spoil the hope. These are the leaps towards the future. Day comes the revenue. Need patience. Let's leave this point aside and, by the way, let's make a nostalgia.

Let's give a brief historical information on Kahramanmaraş and the railway.

Yes, at this point in our article we call a little nostalgia. Why did the current railway line in the first years of the Republic not cross directly from Kahramanmaraş and the road was terminated at Köprüağız Station? As you know, the current line comes from Adana, after Türkoğlu, it reaches Narlı via Köprüağzı station, and then the main road is divided into two, one way goes to Gaziantep and the other way goes to Malatya. So this line was made 70 years ago, 60 was done years ago, for some reason Antep'e dimdirek not go to our Kahramanmaraş dimdirek. In this regard there is a tevatür. I don't know if this rumor is true. At that time, Kahramanmaraş's aghas did not find it appropriate to damage the irrigated agricultural lands and pass the railway track through it. And they didn't agree with the train passing through the Kahramanmaras plain, they didn't accept the way! That's what it is. Allah knows the truth. I hear things like that. Um On the neck of those who say the plague. De I had heard many such rumors during the years I worked at TCDD.

Yeah, now that we're on the railroad. The first five years of my office was spent at the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways. I worked as an Assistant Inspector in this General Directorate. At that time, the railways were pretty old, back and bulky. Now he will catch the age caught maşallah. Now I can return to the General Directorate of TCDD. Latife, of course. Of course, ess half of every joke has a word called essah Tab. I have no intention of returning to TCDD either. I already know about TCDD and the railway. He does not forget easily that he learned the first years of his civil service. For instance, I didn't even forget the term dahi iltisak line, kurp, müselles, nivelman, de facto carambol, ilam karambol kur and many other railroads.

Let's continue where we left off in nostalgia for today's article on High Speed ​​Train and Kahramanmaraş. It was 6 or 7 years ago. An introduction from days ago on a TV channel and a short spot that leaves you curious sözcük is published: “The train station where not a single passenger got off for 2 years. Flash, flash, flash. Wait, it's on our TV soon. " I was curious and excitedly waited for that night because I was a former railroad driver. I started thinking about where this station is. The day of the broadcast of the program came and it was explained that this station was Kahramanmaraş Station throughout the program. They made the station attendant talk. The station clerk said, "We have been sitting idle for 2 years, neither the train is coming, nor the passengers," the troubled sufferer said. Indeed, railroaders cannot be happy if they do not see trains and passengers, trains and freight. I know this well as a former railroad driver. Since Kahramanmaraş train station is connected by the junction line and is not suitable for passenger transportation, it is generally not preferred. When it comes to High Speed ​​Train, of course it will be preferred.

At the end of my writing, as a Kahramanmaraşlı, after all, there is a poem in the serie, a train song and the Black Train Song, turn to the High Speed ​​Train and let us express the Fast Train longing again:

M Fast Train doesn't come m'ola, doesn't blow the m'ola
We sent news to Ankara, the fast train does not come m'ola.

I hope income, I hope. Not just Kahramanmaras. Hopefully, every corner of the country goes to the corner parish.


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  1. The place where you stand by the medrese junction is the maraş center.