Japanese Maglev Train Achieves Speed ​​at 500 Km / h

Japanese Maglev Train Achieved 500 Km / h Speed ​​in Tests: The tests of the magnetic rail train that Japan has been working on for a long time are continuing.

Maglev train technology has been in development for a long time. In particular, Germany and Japan are important countries in this area. The maglev train, also known as the magnetic levitation train, operates with a system based on airborne magnetic progression. In the tests of maglev trains, which are seen as the public transport of the future, there are significant improvements.

Finally, according to the news of Japan Today, the Japanese maglev train managed to reach a speed of 500 km / h in tests between Tokyo and Nagoya. If the work carried out by the Central Japan Railway Company goes well, this project is expected to be implemented in 2027.

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    1. First of all, you should give a source in the pictures. The image that you put is the German TRANSRAPID MagLev system (which is the world's first commercial / communal system) from LongYangRoad station to PIA in Shanghai (CN).
      Let's get to the Japanese MagLev news. Yes, it is certain that MagLev systems are and will be the public transportation system of the future. It is another fact that these systems are perhaps 100 years ahead and beyond the development of general and guideway transportation systems. However, the speeds of v = 500km / h vbg achieved in the tests are not a surprise. If there is enough power / power behind the system (infrastructure), it does it at 500 to 800 km / h. BUT, have you heard that a TGV and ICE system has reached a similar operation speed and is also operated at this limit, as this type of guideway transportation systems currently set a physical + ECONOMIC speed limit = 400 or even> 500 km / h? This, beyond system tests, is the cheapest prime time in the world, the opportunity to be featured in the MAIN NEWS, ie the CHEAPEST ADVERTISING. Sellers (companies, countries), on the other hand, reach the largest audience around the world, in the cheapest way, and gain such a positive image in the cheapest and most effective way. For this purpose, 5 - 20 million Dollar advertising costs are incurred without hesitation. After all, this process would have cost hundreds of times in the normal way ...

    2. The speed limit is> = 500 km / h. I'm sorry for the mistake.

    3. maglev has passed 500 km, so there may be a mistake in the news header