Response to the transport system in Izmir overflowed the street

Reactions to the connecting transportation system in İzmir spread to the streets: The reactions towards the 'connecting' transportation system of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality went out of the virtual world and spread to the street. While the citizens showed their reactions by punching the subway in the face of the torture they experienced the previous day, yesterday the “I Want My Bus Back” campaign was launched in the city's busiest street, Cyprus Martyrs.

'Not despite the public'
The reactions in the "Transportation System Redesign Project", which the Metropolitan put into practice by using the traffic density in the city as an excuse, is growing day by day. Participants of the 'I Want My Bus Back' campaign, which was recently launched on social media, first expressed their reactions on the internet with slogans such as 'Time to Transfer for İzmir', 'Kocaoğlu come together in this rain'. Gülizar Molla Aykın, who started the campaign, stated that due to the crowd in the buses, especially the harassment of women increased, “Women are harassed by malicious people in the crowd. "We almost take the bus and go to work in the form of droplets," he said.

Yesterday, reactions on social media spilled onto the street. Participants in the 'I Want My Bus Back' campaign distributed brochures this time on Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi. Citizens also showed interest in the action. Citizens, who saw that the brochures were advertisements seeking a solution to the transportation problem of İzmir, said that they experienced the same problem and that they would be a member of the group. Gülizar Molla Aykın stated that it is a big mistake for a populist municipality to make changes without asking the public and said, “If he asked, he would see that the people of Izmir did not name it. We will inform those who make changes at the desk in this city without asking the public or asking the young people and say 'I saw it as appropriate' on the streets. We will continue our campaign until the buses are returned. Now we are on the busiest streets. We are at the transfer stations from Monday. Soon, we will make a press release in front of Metropolitan. Aziz Kocaoğlu will either listen to these people or this people will tell him their limits ”. On the other hand, Aykın stated that they formed a team of 20 people to invite citizens to participate in the campaign and said, "We will distribute these statements at the transfer stations."

İZBAN is on the run!
The ordeal experienced by the people of Izmir in the transit transportation system was once again a matter of humor. A photo of running zombies in the television series Walking Dead was featured on social media with the caption "İZBAN is running, my son." The photo of the zombies trying to catch up with İZBAN received many likes.

As the suffering of the citizen came to the point of rebellion in the transmission system implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the reactions started to increase. The people of Izmir first showed their reaction with Baattin, which has become a social media phenomenon. Baattin reacted to the connecting system of the Metropolitan by saying, "The way you used to travel in a single bus in half an hour, traveling in one and a half hour with 3 transfers is called ease of transportation in Izmir" and announced that the ordeal experienced by university students: "We want our bus line 514 back in Tınaztepe Bostanlı" . Then came the social media phenomenon Sebastian. The people of Izmir, "Tell them Sebastian, they got into Izmir", received many posts on social media. Immediately after, the article “Tell them Sebastian, let them pass on themselves” also broke the record of appreciation and sharing by the citizens.

The ordeal in transportation yesterday was again the humor of social media. Facebook group Occupy İzmir shared a photo of zombies running in the foreign TV series The Walking Dead, "İZBAN is running, my son." The photo received many likes and shares in a short time.


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