Switzerland to open second Gotthard tunnel

Switzerland will open the second Gotthard tunnel: The Swiss Parliament decided to build a second Gotthard tunnel after a heated debate. Next to the largest tunnel of the Alpine mountains, a second passage will be opened.
The second tunnel will be drilled between 2020 and 2027. The old tunnel will be repaired after the new tunnel is opened. After the renovations are finished, a tunnel will be used in the direction of departure and the other in the direction of arrival. 2030 billion francs have been allocated for the works that will continue until 2,8.
The Social Democratic Party (SP), the Greens and the Green Liberals opposed the opening of the second tunnel. In spite of all the efforts of the left-wing parties, the Gotthard bid was approved by 109 in parliament. The Greens, who will not give up, signaled to bring the issue to a referendum. In his address yesterday, Transport Minister Doris Leuthard stressed that the Federal Council is committed to this and is not afraid of the referendum.

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