Here is the 2 at YHT. The Sapanca Route of the Stage

Here is the 2 at YHT. Sapanca's Route: High Speed ​​Train (YHT) 2. The route of the stage works was determined. According to the information obtained from the Municipality of Sapanca 2'in stage for the construction of the house will not be demolished.

The YHT line that will pass through the south of the existing line will not be raised from the road during the fold of the closed market place to Hacımercan, unlike the previously described project. Adıyamanlar 2'nun from the area where the timber will start from the south of the existing train road by the Kuva-i Milliye Street. Covered from the market place will turn into the direction of Hacimercan line near the Babadayi tunnel.


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