Istanbulers will Meet Metrobus-Weighted 'Electric Buses'

Istanbullular, Metrobus-weighted will meet 'Electric Buses to Meet: Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Operations (IETT) General Manager Mumin Kahveci, within a short time will start to transport Istanbulites electric transport means, said: " said.

İETT Turkey is one of the oldest institutions and they entered into a major attack on public transport in recent years, he said.

Kahveci that attracted the attention of IETT vehicle fleet, the last 2 annually added new 850 fleet to their new vehicle fleets, public buses and other public transportation vehicles around the 3 binnesi said that renewed.

Kahveci, 360 CNG vehicle in the fleet at the moment that the vehicle consumes less fuel and less polluting the environment and less noise, for it to increase the number of vehicles in the fleet CNG said.


Pointing out that the electric bus works are continuing and that the test applications they have carried out successfully, Kahveci said, ın In a short period of time, we will start to transport Istanbul residents with electric public transportation vehicles. 2019'da 25'ın 30'ın percent of the electric, XNUMX around the target to make the CNG '' he said.

Kahveci, electric vehicle technology, especially on the metrobus lines are working on the stating, “Both the longer and easier to manage the driver can work without a driver can work. Of course it's not easy, it's hard. There's a bridge problem. On the Bosphorus Bridge, we are unable to install a propulsion system by taking electricity from the catenary. We are working on the system that can pass the area with the battery. When we reach a reliable technological level, we will announce this to the public and we will start to work. Güvenilir

Kahveci, who stated that they increased the measures significantly after the recent bus accidents, said:

Servis We have started to perform emission controls and have started to inspect vehicle maintenance management systems and their own authorized services. We allocate tools that are not of sufficient maintenance standards. In the past, once a year by TÜVTÜRK'ın examination of the work we were giving. Now we've updated the procedure. We are now three times a year or not. Of course the business has an economic dimension. For this, we are in cooperation with various institutions of the state. Bun


Kahveci, under the tender carried out last week, 125 bellows bus will be put into service one month later, emphasizing X Our fleet age is 5,5. We are the youngest and most technological vehicle in Europe. We are trying to make it sustainable. M

Kahveci who attracted attention to the request of help from the transportation authorities abroad, said:

E From Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, from Europe to Israel, the authorities come to us to learn about transportation management, vehicle selection and maintenance. This is the way we cooperate with 20-25 countries every year. We also established a group with cities such as New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. We also have joint meetings with them. Therefore, we carry on our knowledge transfer through this solidarity group. Dolayısıyla

Kahveci, stated that they do not intend to make an arrangement on public transportation prices, they continue to subsidize students, the students of the metropolitan municipality every additional use of the payment authorities are paying an additional 15 cents, he added.


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