Gaziray project for workers is being implemented

Gaziray project for workers is launched: “Gaziray” project is implemented to provide safe and fast transportation in the city, where approximately 140 thousand people move from the city center to the industrial areas, a 25-kilometer suburban line to be built between Başpınar and Oduncular within the scope of the project, the city rail with the transfer center to be planned. will be integrated into the system.

In Gaziantep, the two industrial zones will be interconnected by iron networks in order to provide safe and fast transportation and to relieve urban traffic.

According to the information received by the AA reporter from the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems, public transportation lines in Gaziantep, whose population reached 1,9 million with the migration received parallel to industrialization, became insufficient.

In this context, it is working to produce a variety of projects to relieve urban traffic Metropolitan Municipality, Demiryolları'yl the Republic of Turkey (TCDD) jointly "Gaziray Suburbs Project" prepared.

Within the scope of the project, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also attaches importance, the 25-km existing line, which is usually used to carry loads, will be renewed. With the 17 stations to be built, the rail system will have an important share in urban transportation.

Service tools will not be used

Gaziray, whose tender process is completed and the construction of the future is expected to begin, will connect the two important industrial centers in the city with rails.

With Gaziray, the construction of which will be undertaken by TCDD and the operation of which will be undertaken by the Metropolitan Municipality, 140 thousand workers working in organized industrial and small industrial zones will be transported by suburban trains. Thus, shuttle vehicles operating in 3 shifts in the city center will not be used.

In addition, the suburban line will be integrated into the 22 kilometer city rail system with the transfer center.

Features of the line

Başpınar-Gaziantep-Mustafa Yavuz (GATEM) - Double line, electrified, signaling and land line traffic independent line will be constructed between the stations of the military.

TCDD will also be made for 3 line for freight and passenger transport


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