3 from the business world. Bridge Shock

3 from the business world. Bridge shock: Kocaeli business world, 3 in order to avoid additional traffic to the current situation. does not want the bridge road to connect to the city.

Representatives of the business world of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry President Ayhan Zeytinoglu and Chamber of Commerce President Murat Ozdag, the city's ports and crossing points to solve the traffic problem arising from the urgent need for new infrastructure investments, he said. Zeytinoğlu said: uz We do not want a connection to Kocaeli via the third bridge. Let it pass from above and bring traffic to the city ”. Zeytinoğlu, Dilovası'nda 40 percent of air pollution in the summer months due to highways, he noted. Although the Bay Crossing Bridge will provide comfort, Özdağ also points out that the growth will continue. 35 has the target of million tons. Ports and industrial zones should be connected to railways as soon as possible. The projections now say that traffic will be locked on all roads passing through the city from 61..

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